Health and Safety- Emissions and Emissions Control


Health and safety, emissions and emissions control issues for composting of mixed and separately collected MSW fractions have been extensively reviewed (e.g. CIWM 2002, Deportes et al. 1995, Efstathios and Stentiford 2004, Epstein 1996, Forster et al. 2001, Gillett 1992, Newport 1990). 

In 2004 the Composting Association produced a Guide for Site Managers on Health and Safety at Composting Sites, which provides comprehensive guidance.  Also in 2004 Defra released a detailed Review of Environmental and Health Effects of Waste Management: Municipal Solid Waste and Similar Wastes.  This describes in detail the possible health effects that might be attributable to composting operations.  In 2001 the Environment Agency released Technical Guidance on Composting Operations,

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